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A few of our services...



Using our rooter machine to clear out some roots from a drain pipe.



New sink and drain installation.



Prepping for a pipe lining install, an alternative to pipe replacement and excavation.


Marilyn A., Lakewood

“I called Billy to repair a plugged toilet, which he did immediately. He explained why that particular toilet often has problems & offered possible solutions. While he was here he went through my home & checked for other plumbing concerns. I believe his inspection saved me money on future plumbing problems & it has given me peace of mind in knowing that I now have a go to plumber who really knows plumbing & in time will know the foibles of my house. It was helpful to have a plumber who was willing to spend the time to analyze my home's plumbing issues rather than just do a job & be gone.”

Willie Mae C., Denver

"Would highly recommend and use again. Nathan was professional and explained the procedure and suggested alternative that may be needed. Kept in touch regarding arrival time."

W N., Parker 

“In mid-2017 I found water in the pit with the sprinkler system shutoff valve (this valve was replaced in 2016) and determined that the leak only stopped when the water was turned off in the main meter pit. I made serveral urgent calls and Drainline was the first to send someone the same day. Billy had a look and suspected the leak was between the main line and the shutoff valve, and this was confirmed the next day when work started on the problem. When the sprinklers were in stalled many years ago, a black iron Tee (a big no no) was inserted in the main water line and standard hose clamps were used to attach hoses to the Tee. The Tee was a totally rusted mess and one of the connections was leaking. Billy used copper to replace the bad hose and moved the sprinkler shut off valve inside the foundation wall, eliminating the need for the pit which was a major headache. I was impressed by the dilligence and quality of the work performed by Billy and the assistant plumber, and I felt the cost was well justified. Highly recommend!"
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